We are excited to inform you about the happy news. 
On the 8th of May, we finally moved from our temporary location situated in Mijdrecht, at the Rondweg 3A, towards a new fantastic location just a minute away. 

We transformed our former temporary location build-out of freight containers into a new, sustainable, and modern establishment that we constructed ourselves.We are now situated just on the other side of the roundabout at the Rondweg 1B.

We’re gladly welcoming you to our new place, serving you with the same quality and excellence we stand for. We have special coolers to store our (products) hash in and generate electricity from solar energy which makes us fully sustainable. Being sustainable makes us proud cause we care.

Perhaps our best new addition is the use of Cikam money machines. This is how we limited any form off personal contact. We’ll solely touch the products, with of course all the necessary taken precautions this time requires. Cause of Cikam we do not have to touch any cash in the process. We take your health and our health really seriously! Hope to see you soon!

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