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With great pride we think back about the last three decades the is already being the proud owner of multiple coffee shops in Amsterdam. What a ride it has been and still is. Loads of laughter and happy times. We are clearly so thankful to have shared with all our amazing guests and customers, but also all the employees and members of our tribe, our family. You all had a part in this extraordinary journey.

We started our adventure with Siberie, our first coffee shop opened her doors in 1984. After De Republiek joined and De Supermarkt, Loft and we even expanded towards Mijdrecht where we launched Espresso.

Next to our coffee shops, we take pride in our other companies like Cannabis Career where we educate hospitality staff who are specialized in serving there best in the coffee shop industry. Test Lab is another of our kids, here we test the quality and strength of cannabis that we sell in our shops.

We are very thankful and we are feeling very blessed that this wonderful journey is still continuing.

Nowadays we are the proud owners of five Coffee Shops; Siberia, De Republiek, Loft, De Supermarkt en Espresso (Mijdrecht). So please join us and be a part of making new memories.

But here we take you on a trip down memory lane…….