Wieview | Coffee shop review

Wieview | Coffee shop review

For the past years, many websites have worked on becoming the online platform for coffee shop enthusiasts. They offer the possibility to give reviews, rate strains, check the route and check the opening hours of most shops in Amsterdam, and often beyond. We too have been featured on multiple sites. We love the compliments, but also the more critical feedback. Your words make us grow! 

Do you use these websites? What do you use them for? Which is your favorite and why?

Check us out and rate us by clicking the links below:
https://greenmeister.nl/ (app & website)
https://weeview.nl/ (app only)

Social Media Activity | Follow Us!

Social Media Activity | Follow Us!

Hey there! Did you know you can follow what is happening in our shops by following us on Facebook and Instagram? We are very active on social media platforms and we try to make very engaging content. The stickiest thickest most beautiful buds, the oiliest hash, and the funniest moments.  Do you want to bring the pretty sunset as seen from the Brouwersgracht 11 into your living room wherever in the world you are

Check us out! Each of our 5 shops has its own Instagram and Facebook page and we post continuously!

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Loft | Instagram

Espresso | Instagram

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De Republiek | Instagram